Success Stories

  • University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom. February 2013 intake
    I am highly appreciative of the timely as well as courteous services extended by Thames International for my university application process, which was a success. And also, for the smooth process of my visa application as well. I assure that I will recommend Thames International as the best higher education consultancy provider for all my Sri Lankan friends. Thank you so very much Ms. Keriena for all your kindness and concern extended towards my parents and me. Best wishes

    Wednesday 9th January 2013
    Anne Fonseka

  • New Zealand School of Education, Auckland, New Zealand. February 2013 intake
    I would like to thank Mr. Chinthana, Ms. Kariena and Mr. Dane for supporting me to gain my New Zealand visa. I really appreciate their help to process my visa from the beginning. Best of luck for the future of Thames International. I will not hesitate to recommend Thames for anybody regarding a student visa.

    Tuesday 8th January 2013
    N.A.L. Malshani

  • Malvern House, London, United Kingdom. February 2013 intake
    I would like to say service is best and quick. Mostly they give all information clearly. I appreciate Keriena. All the best Thames International. Thanks a lot for everything and for all the help. Thank you.

    Monday 7th January 2013
    Ruwani Shamika Perera

  • South Thames College, London, United Kingdom. September 2012 intake.
    I would like to thank Mrs. Keriena for the great support she gave and for her time and effort. I was glad that I met Mrs. Keriena and she was very concerned about everything. So I didn’t have much stress about my visa. And it was very good that I consult Thames International. Thank you once again and I wish all the success to Thames International.

    Monday 13th August 2012
    Arsirinie Kavindra

  • Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki, New Zealand. July 2012 intake.
    As a Civil Engineering employee I chose to join Graduate Diploma in Engineering (Highways) program at Western Institute of Technology Taranaki, New Zealand. Concerning the great success obtain in the student visa process I could say that Thames International has provided me a great platform to commence the new journey towards my future goals. From the first day in Thames International I experienced the friendly environment and the talented staff. Thames International guided and advised me in each and every requirement since the beginning. I want to give my honest appreciation to the management and all the staff members of Thames International for completing my visa process successfully. Thanks and regards

    Thursday 14th June 2012
    B. Sudhara Chathuranga

  • Wellington Institute of Technology, Wellington, New Zealand. July 2012 intake.
    Thames has meticulous concern and tremendous enthusiasm over the ways they deal with student applicants. The visa only took 16 days to arrive and finally I was informed with the wonderful news that I got my visa to travel and study in New Zealand. They know what they are doing and I could certainly say that Thames is one of those agencies that need to consider expansion island wide. As a payment of gratitude in my part, I want to make sure that I personally help Mr. Dane and Thames International to spread the word to many other students who were in similar dire situations like me. I thank Thames for providing me with the opportunity to earn my student visa to study in New Zealand. I certainly recommend Thames International to anybody who is reading this. On a much personal note I would rate their service as a 9.8 out of 10. Thank you Thames Lanka staff and Mr. Dane for a very satisfying service.

    Wednesday 13th June 2012
    W.H. Dhammike Saman Kumara

  • Malvern House, London, United Kingdom. April 2012 intake.
    I would like to thank Mr. Priyantha, Mr. Chinthana and Ms. Karena and specially I like to thank Mr. Raj. He always motivated me and also he closely followed up my matter and gave correct information to me. He is one off and very active person in Thames. Other staff members are also very helpful and always they have a smile on their face. When we come to this office all of staff members are in very happy mood. It is very helpful to me mentally. I wish all of them and Thames International and their Directors the best. Thanks

    Tuesday 3rd April 2012
    Ajith Dasanayake

  • ICL Business School, Auckland, New Zealand. April 2012 intake.
    Most of the students in our country have a dream to study in a foreign country and discover their cultural backgrounds. Even I had the same dream since my childhood. It would be just another hope if Thames International was not there to help me. We, myself and my husband came to know about Thames International through a friend. After searching in the internet we got to know that Thames is one of the New Zealand specialist agents. After having a discussion with the Sector Manager, Mr. Dane Raju we got a feeling that this place will be reliable for us. Mr. Dane was always there to encourage us all the time. He was a real guide for us to prepare our documents and guide us in the correct path. We would recommend Thames International for any student who wish to complete their higher studies in New Zealand. And we should be thankful to Thames International as they put all their efforts to get our visas as soon as possible.

    Friday 16th March 2012
    Thiranya Weligoda / Chathuranga Weligoda

  • University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom. April 2012 intake
    I wish to thank the institution as well as Mr. Raj and Mrs. Kareena has so helped me to get my visa. I am happy to move to UK via Thames International. Thanking you

    Thursday 8th March 2012
    A.M. Abdul Kadar

  • North Shore International Academy, Auckland, New Zealand. March 2012 intake.
    First of all a very big thank you to Thames International and Mr. Dane Raju for helping us to achieve this great moment in getting my student visa to New Zealand. It is with great pleasure I admit that Dane was a Father, Brother and a Friend to us. He always guided us the right path in getting our visas. We would look behind once again and think the great moments we had the few months we have known Dane. You will always be in our hearts although we have to say good bye. Thank you for the help.

    Thursday 8th March 2012
    Anthony Sharon Kronemberg

  • Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, United Kingdom. January 2012 intake.
    I would like to thank Mr. Raj for his keen interest in his work to support me to get through all my work successfully. I also would like to thank Thames International for helping in all my activities. Thank you very much for everything that you’ve done to make this a success.

    Monday 16th January 2012
    Shenali Fernando

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