Success Stories

  • Royal Business College, Auckland, New Zealand - Diploma in Information Technology, Level 7, March 2015 intake I searched lots of institutes to go abroad to study. I searched for about a year then my brother in law told me that his MP's children were going through Thames International. They helped me to get my visa successfully and also helped me to get my accommodation. Thank you Chinthana Sir and Keriena madam a lot to help me in my success. I wish Thames a great future ahead. Your friend, Sharm

    Friday 6th February 2015
    Sharm Roystan Perera

  • Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec), Hamilton, New Zealand - Bachelor of Technology - Bio Technology, Level 7, February 2015 intake. The Sri Lankan agent Thames International Educational Consultancy is vey friendly. It is very easy, reliable and comfortable to deal with them and talk with them. I am very happy to tell that fast track visa process for New Zealand was an immense help to me. It takes less than two weeks! Actually their service is beyond my expectations. They assist me from the beginning to the end of finding an institute and through out the visa process which is obvious and also they helping me out with accommodation arrangements which I am in need. I would like to thank you for the friendliness and helpfulness you show which is beyond your duty. Thames International Educational Consultancy is a partner whom I can introduce happily and confidently to any student who wishes to study abroad. Thank you.

    Friday 6th February 2015
    Nuwanthika Gunasekara

  • Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) Invercargill, New Zealand, March 2015 Intake - PGD in Business Enterprise - Level 8 My student visa was approved last week and I wish to thank Thames international for the professional,efficient and friendly mannerin which they handled the entire process.Specially I want to thanksMs.keriena for her hard work to get my student visa and the same time Mr.Chinthana who guide me in professional manner to apply my student visa.Moreover,without their expert guidance I would have had to face a lot of stress with the enormous load of documentation related to my student visa.I am thoroughly happy with your service and I strongly recommend Thames International to others and i wish you all the very best for your future endeavours.

    Monday 2nd February 2015
    Nilan Samarakoon

  • Cornell Institute of Business & Technology, Auckland, New Zealand - January 2015 intake - Diploma in Information Technology (Networking Technology Management), Level 7 I got to know about this institute through my friend and I visited the office somewhere around October. I met Ms. Keriena, a pretty lady with a kind heart. From that day onward I feel that my everlasting dream is not a dream anymore. First she asked me to do the IELTS and advised me to take various reports. she was trying to offer me the most suitable course for me since I am 30, better to go for a 1 year course rather than 3 year program. So finally I got an offer from Cornell Institute for Information Technology (Networking Technology Management) Level 7 program. Since I am an IT professional she chose me the best. So till I got the visa the support Ms. Keriena gave is remarkable. Thank you very much for everything and I wish you and your company a great future ahead...cheers...

    Wednesday 28th January 2015
    Nuwan Rathnathunga

  • Cornell Institute of Business and Technology, Auckland, New Zealand - November 2014 intake. Diploma in Computing (Level 7) Thank you very much Mr. Chinthana and Keriena for your support and guidance. I would not have been successful in this venture without Thames help. I recommend you to all students who need assistance for their higher studies in New Zealand.

    Saturday 29th November 2014
    Abel Sujendren

  • Waikato Institute of Technology, Hamilton, New Zealand November 2014 intake First I would like to thank your team and I am very surprised I got my visa approved within 7 days. This is exactly due to your professional job. I recommend Thames International to everybody who wants to go to New Zealand for higher studies to get their professional services to make your dreams come true. Thank you very much to Keriena and Mr. Chinthana and wish your company all the best.

    Thursday 13th November 2014
    Madhusanka Wijesuriya

  • Cornell Institute of Business and Technology, Auckland, New Zealand - Diploma in Business, Level 7 - September 2014 intake. I got my visa today and thanks for your support and professional service to make my dreams come true. From the beginning you gave me correct guidance to select my program, institute and visa formalities. Your teams expertise is very valuable. I recommend everybody to contact Thames International to get their services for their higher studies abroad.

    Monday 15th September 2014
    Hasitha Gunarathna

  • Yoobee School of Design, Wellington, New Zealand, June 2014 intake - Thank you so much Ms. Kariena and Mr. Chinthana for the outstanding effort to getting me a student visa. Thames International helped me at a time of my life where I had no other person or place to help me to get a visa. Specially Ms. Kariena is a wonderful person to work with. She took me through the whole process even when I was not too sure whether I will get my visa or not. This page is not enough for me to write down how grateful I'm to Thames International and to this wonderful people. I'm already spreading the word about Thames International since we don't have any other place for student to get a visa in such a easy way. Thank you so much again.

    Saturday 14th June 2014
    Prabodha Dasun

  • University of Sunderland, London, United Kingdom. April 2014 intake - Thank you so much Ms. Keriena and Mr. Chinthana for all your help. You both are very kind hearted people with lot of love. You both helped me when I needed the help most. You guys helped me for every problem I had and my mom and dad also love you guys so much, thank you again for everything. I will miss you both so much. Wish you all the very happy best. Love you.

    Tuesday 6th May 2014
    Hashini Pothuwila

  • North Shore International Academy, Auckland, New Zealand - April 2014 intake - I should extend my heartfelt gratitude to you all for giving me a great assistance to make everything success. Specially Chinthana and Keriena who supported me by advising what should do and shouldn't. It was amazing and had no space to thank you two for the help you granted. Admiring your honesty and impressive work. Beg your pardon for bothering you for asking so many questions. Once and once again thank you very much for your assistance and I wish you all the very best for your future endeavours. Thank you

    Wednesday 23rd April 2014
    Shamal Ruklantha Perera

  • Waikato Institute of Technology, Hamilton, New Zealand February 2014 intake My student visa was approved today and I wish to thank Thames International for the professional, efficient and friendly manner in which they handled the entire process. Without their expert guidance I would have had to face a lot of stress with the enormous load of documentation related to my student visa. Thames International handled the process very professionally and smoothly. I thank Thames for their guidance and look forward to starting my course of studies in New Zealand.

    Friday 7th February 2014
    Buddhini Gunawardana

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