New Zealand Education: Alexandra: Saving Our Oceans

Alexandra: Saving Our Oceans

Kia ora ,

When German student Alexandra Lischka decided to spend her life working to protect the world’s oceans, she knew she wanted to learn from the best.

And where were the global experts in her field? New Zealand.

Watch Alexandra’s story.

Alexandra first came to New Zealand to find out whether the mysterious species of squid she had discovered on a research trip had ever been identified before.

World expert Dr Kat Bostad helped her confirm that the squid was an unknown species. Now Alexandra is studying in New Zealand for her PhD, with Kat as her primary supervisor.

Students like Alexandra choose New Zealand because it encourages them to think critically and analytically – to broaden their horizons and unleash their curiosity.

Watch her story and read her blog to discover why she believes the New Zealand way of learning will give her the skills she needs to fight for the future of the world’s oceans – and whether it could help you achieve your goals in life.

The style of teaching is more hands-on, and people are very innovative. That do-it-yourself way of thinking has taught
me a lot. 
Alexandra Lischka Marine Biology

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